17 November, 2012

Look Who's Cruising

So again we went to Carson's 1st year check up and again there was SOMETHING they thought he should be doing that he was not doing yet. What would that be? Cruising!! So here it is 7 weeks later.

Love you little man. You do things in your own time and in your own way. 

17 September, 2012

Carson's First Haircut

 We have loved Carson's amazing curls, unfortunately they have only grown on the sides/back of his head. Seeing as it is his first birthday on sunday(crazy) i thought it was time to cut his hair. Now some of my friends and my Mother suggested that i cut his hair myself  which i have never done before. They told me there is no better time to learn, seeing as he can't blame me for anything at this age. So i thought about this idea for less then half a second and then made an appointment with my hair dresser. I have many skills as a mother making things from scratch such as decorations, Halloween Costumes, Christmas presents, FOOD, i don't how ever have the patience or the confidence to cut my children's hair. Therefore I will love my hairdresser and respect the education and talent she has to share with the me.    
So I took this little wiggle worm to the hair dresser and i held him(tried anyway) while she patiently moved around his wiggling little head taking small snips when she could. The rest of the hairdressers watched and told him how handsome and darling he was. He ate it up!

Here is Carson trying to face the camera while Blake and i attempted to get a picture at the back oh his head. He is so smart he knows that mommy wants to see his smiling face when she pulls out the camera. I mean what else in this vast world could she possible want a picture of. 

Oh cute curls.

Carson getting ready for his hair cut the whole place just died when we set him in the chair by himself with the cover on  he was sooo cute. 

After we were done he could not believe how different and grown up he looked. 

What a handsome little guy you are Carson.

He liked it too.

Thank you Katie for putting up with this wiggly little man and doing such a great job on his hair. You have a wonderful talent. 

14 September, 2012

31 August, 2012

When you look at Carson you never remember that he was born 6 weeks early, with all that chunk you just forget. But as we have taken him to his check ups they go through the list 
Does he roll over?
Does he sit up by himself?
Does he pull into a stand?
on and on and my answer to the questions is always a sheepish no. 
then the doctor replies "Well he was born early so lets give him a month and see if he does more."
so i take him home and we play and wait and he always grows and improves and learns new things. 
This month our Little Man Carson, turned 11 months old and has started doing 2 new things that we are so proud of 

We are so proud of you Carson, and love you so much.
Thanks for filling our life with joy.

23 August, 2012

11months old update

So I am a lot better at keeping his scrapbook up to date then the blog.
Our awesome little man is 11months old today and I can't believe it. 
We are finally done with Pharmacy School, Blake is licensed and everything. Yay!
Now we are looking forward to finding a house to rent in the Hillsboro Oregon area
starting at the end of November. 
Carson loves to play and eat. He is getting so big and is working on his 7th tooth.
here is the last few months in a nut shell.